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John J. Nazarian
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John J. Nazarian and his team have provided services to family law and criminal defense attorneys throughout the United States and overseas.  Much of Nazarian & Associates services are to private clients with personal issues and concerns that need to be addressed with utmost confidentiality.  We have offices in California, and most of our staff are retired law enforcement, active duty law enforcement officers, or career military officers. 

Nazarian & Associates, with our worldwide resources in the private sector, active law enforcement and the military, are willing to take on any assignment nationwide and internationally.  We're available 24 hours a day and our information sources are the best in their field, anywhere.

We believe there are times when a nice "breeze" is far more impressive and effective than a stiff "gale." For those who are wondering, we don't handle "explosives" and we have no "felons" on our payroll.  We do things the old-fashioned way:  serious "gum-shoeing" and solid investigative techniques.

You can always be assured that your problem will be handled in a professional, peaceful, and completely confidential manner.   For example, our standard policy has always been that all files are incinerated or turned over to the attorney or client.  We don't keep them so you don't have to worry about where those files might end up.

Nazarian & Associates' services are in such high demand that the agency has always been very selective -- unfortunately we are not for everyone.  We operate as a "boutique" agency, which allows us to offer very personalized service to our clients. When you want the very best for yourself or your client in investigations or security -- and can afford it -- call Nazarian & Associates.  Let us make your problem our problem.